bbberlin in collaboration with Borgenheim Rosenhoff

Olaf Schous vei 6, Oslo

Opens April 11th

By appointment until May 1st, 2024


Activist Zentrum Occupy Lørenveien 68, Mutiny, reclaim your life. All summer, 2024

  • Decolonise Ballard. Discussion with anonymous at Eikenggata 19, April 21st, 20.00

Join the Mutiny at Work launch, H&M, Grensen 2, lunchtime tomorrow

Visit, Tuesday July 2nd, 2024, 10am

Global Health symposium with You Me At Six, Fucked Up and Gallows upstairs on the benches at Busterminalen Galleriet shopping mall, Friday 14th June

Sobriety lifehack estate agent teambuilding gruntout at Kon-Tiki Museum Bygdøynesveien 36, Oslo, all welcome, May 31st, 2024. All day.

Nepo Babies' fishing trip and video club, April 12th 2027, Sarabraten ruins, Mariholtveien, 0687 Oslo

COCAINE PENGUIN ARMY BUT NOT IN SCHWAZ, EVERYWHERE YOU GO the far right artworld, Oslo, Thursday 30th May 2024

The show, the room, the building, the entire street down to a depth of 2m, and everyone in it, at Olaf Schous vei 6, Oslo, Thursday April 11th 2024, 7pm.

Decode the Party. At the Party. DJ of Party DJ. Any Party. Cool place any, April 23rd-24th, 2024, Oslo

Smurf Skate of Aggression at Rosenhoff holdeplass, Friday May 11th

Social Media is Mass Media Press Release Wiki at Pavilion, Haugar Kunstmuseum, June 15th

Mutiny web design session with Richard Parry, meet on Zoom Thursday 11th April

Whaddya Got? at Akersveien 28, June 22rd, 2024, 18.00, BYO

Wait at Tesla dealership to see if Ferrari smashes into it, Tuesday 17th April, all day Oslo-Skøyen 130 Drammensveien

Van Delivery of the Merlin Carpenter Works Tour, Oslo various, Monday April 16th

The 90s Today TV recording @ Joseph Beuys Eye ICU, Bergen Stephan Dillemuth Museum, February 2005, 12.00 (NB this event already happened)

Duracell Battery stored energy battery in DJs yum yum Mars Barrs activist experience decoupled minds TBA, afterparty at Borgenheim Rosenhoff, just after the opening, 9pm, April 11th 2024


Student show, Mystery Jets CSS / Bank reformation committee meeting at the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo Friday 12th April 18.00.

Scrutiny of Rahmenprogramm Irony (which might be bad) by Alberto Toscano, book, available at show

Slot-together, post-finished construction techniques class with Alexander Yøutuber at Helgesens gate 8 (pay as you go), Wednesday April 18th, 4pm

  • "When Attitude becomes Attitude", minor differentiations are everything heading into the mega crisis, 1989, curatorial precautions Stammtisch at Engebret Café, Bankplassen 1, May 2nd, 2024, 7pm

Posting our account, posting within posting, accounts within accounts, group hug at Ole Høilands hule 59.96681° N 10.82486° Ø

"Have You Met Scum" life coaching module at Cinemateket, Dronningens gate 16, Friday April 12th, 12.00

"archive élastique", 2020, reconstruction by Benoît Lamy de la Chapelle at Gamle Raadhus Scene, Christiania Torv 1

Cookery for Beginners at The Institute of Social Hypocrisy, reform94, CARLS, Trondheimsveien 113 0571 Oslo, April 22nd, 3pm

Education In Reverse teacher training by their students at Georg Morgenstiernes hus, Blindernveien 31, April 23rd, 9am

Yeah you read that right - Reading Festival at Litteraturhuset, Wergelandsveien 29, April 30th, 11am

Starting a Cult: Anti-Myth and Preservation of a Marxist Guide (the non recurrence), a lecture by Gilles Deleuze Snr. at Deichman Bjørvika, Anne-Cath Vestlys plass 1, Wednesday April 18th, 10am


Graphic Design camp, Nordmarka, Weekend, July 29th-21st, 2024

Merlin Carpenter artist talk at Open Forum, KHIO Auditorium, Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Wednesday April 10, 7pm

I'm sick of Work Yoga Yoga Work work group at the Northern Light Yoga centre, bring Yoga gear

April 14th, Rosenborggata 9A, 3pm

Morgan Quaintance album listening at at OSL Contemporary, Haxthausens gate 3, Monday April 16th, 11pm, featuring Yeasayer

Palestine Solidarity Circle at Equinor Oslo

Martin Lignes vei 33, Every day 10 am, April-May 2024

"Nothing could be Further from the Youth", relevance Gen Z humiliation wakeup call circle pit, at student project space, Stavanger, June 2nd 2024, 3pm

"Solidarity as Self-Analysis, a Petit-Bourgeois Condition", an outdoor walk event at The Former Communist Box factory, Frieze Art Fair Seoul, North Korea, September 2024

Rahmenprogramm visit and die-in

SOCIAL MEDIA OF SOCIAL MEDIA police training session, Central Police Station Oslo with Phil Collins Chief Inspector of Repression and Sadness, April 27th, 3pm Tiktok teatime, boycott yourself

"What's Rahmenprogramm Workshop" with Borgenheim Rosenhoff at Open Forum, April 15th, 19.00

Coffee with Mickael, Chat GPT, Kristoffer too, "How to write a to do list", Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum

Grimelundsveien 8, 0775 Oslo, Monday 22nd April 2024, 2pm

Marlon Brando Memorial Walk, Fuglemyra, Sunday April 28th, 2024, 1pm